Turnbull Ministries is a speaking, writing and tape ministry that is dedicated to giving a message of help and hope to marriages and families in three major ways —

Speaking Ministry

For the past 25 years Bob and Yvonne have traveled together across the USA and Canada. Because they have listened to the pulse of the people and their needs, they have given messages of hope and help in building lasting relationships to tens of thousands of men and women. As you peruse our NavBar you will see the various seminars and conferences offered by the Turnbulls.

God has richly blessed their speaking ministry in helping to stem the tide of divorce and family breakups as —

  • 36,412 couples have rededicated their marriages or families to each other and to God.
  • 1,822 couples have either postponed or halted their divorce plans.
  • 2,711 people made first time decisions to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  • 23,649 Christians rededicated their lives to Jesus Christ.

E-Mail Ministry

Sign up for a free, bi-monthly E-Mail newsletter, plus go now to our ‘Newsletters’ on the NavBar for some samples —

  • Learn criticism guidelines
  • Commit to a time to talk
  • Get along with difficult people
  • Hungering for appreciation
  • Those important first five minutes
  • Get rid of marriage baggage
  • Which is it, discontented or thankful
  • Remember, children are watching your marriage

Books and Tapes Ministry

On our Books and Tapes webpage you will find helpful resources on marriage and family such as —

  • Helping a marriage to complete, not compete
  • Training couples to mentor other couples
  • Building a successful family
  • Out-smarting stress
  • Solving the personality puzzle
  • Goal setting and time management
  • Quality habits to be a better communicator