In the initial paragraph of our last quarterly ministry newsletter –  Part One – I told of the baggage I brought into our marriage, but some of the closing paragraph included……”The good news is that today the baggage has been removed, the memories of the past have been healed and no more nightmares.” It was.. read more →

Bob: Most of us bring some sort of “baggage” into our marriages. It could be light baggage or heavy baggage, such as an irritating habit, or an unresolved way to handle disagreements or a personality quirk, or maybe even something troubling from one’s past. Like for me – something horrific from my childhood that for.. read more →

In this fast-paced, hectic world, do you and your mate wish you had more time for each other? Have you ever felt like the pilot who was lost over the Pacific Ocean and radioed “ I have good news and bad news. The bad news is I do not know where I am headed, but.. read more →

A MARRIAGE MADE IN HOLLYWOOD (AND WAIKIKI BEACH), WAS STILL BESET WITH PROBLEMS — UNTIL GOD INTERVENED By Dan Wooding, Founder, ASSIST News Service LAKE FOREST, CA – One-time Hollywood film and TV actor, Bob Turnbull, who was featured in such shows as “Hawaii 5-0,” “Petticoat Junction,” “Ironside,” and “My Three Sons,”(The Man From U.N.C.LE.”.. read more →

In many marriages the issue of money is the #1 cause of arguments. Our family backgrounds – our personalities – affect the way we look and deal with money. Oftentimes these differences can lead to some clashes. Example: A spender marrying a saver. So money does not become a sore spot we encourage couples to.. read more →

We all hunger for appreciation. Surveys have shown for years that in the workplace people will work harder for praise than they will for a raise. Yes, we all like raises, but what’s more important to the majority is to know that what they do or who they are matters to someone. It does to.. read more →

In the early years of our (unfortunately) bad marriage, we pitted our wills against each other. Did you used to do that? Or, still do? When we finally turned our lives over to God’s control and finally took our marriage vows seriously, we noticed that as each year passed our his ‘n her growth in.. read more →

How would you like to practice something in your marriage for five minutes a day that can improve your communication, could stop the possibility of a divorce and even help your sex life? What could bring about those kind of results? Simple. It’s praying together daily. Thats right. Gallup did a poll on prayer over.. read more →

“For nearly two decades our bi-monthly email newsletters have always had the main article being on marriage and family. For this particular issue, however, we are presenting something entirely different. As you read what is below you will better understand what we mean. What is occurring throughout the world and including our own nation is.. read more →

“Hey, hon, we need to talk!” Harmless statement but whenever Bob would hear those words spoken by Yvonne he would have a war-time military expression ? ” Incoming! Incoming!” ? and make a major sprint to the nearest closet. Well, not quite like that, but you get the idea. He was running for cover because.. read more →