“Hey, hon, we need to talk!” Harmless statement but whenever Bob would hear those words spoken by Yvonne he would have a war-time military expression – ” Incoming! Incoming!” – and make a major sprint to the nearest closet. Well, not quite like that, but you get the idea. He was running for cover because.. read more →

10 Aug 2010
August 10, 2010

HE SAID – SHE SAID | July-Aug 2010

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“Aw, forget it,” Yvonne said, as she walked out of the room, leaving Bob standing there rather bewildered and not sure what just happened. Just 15 minutes earlier we had warmly greeted each other with a smile, a hug and a kiss after being separated all day. But everything changed when Yvonne started telling Bob.. read more →

So much of our dissatisfaction with life is of our own making. It revolves around our thinking – where we focus our attention. We saw this attitude a number of years ago with Yvonne. It seemed to happen when she would go shopping. Whenever she would walk into the home decorating section of a department.. read more →

With spring in full force, Yvonne’s thoughts always turn to gardening. She looks forward to this time of the year as she enjoys getting out in the fresh air to start digging in the ground with her hands. Recently, Bob asked her, “Why do you enjoy gardening so much?” She told him she likes to.. read more →

In this fast-paced, hectic world, do you and your mate wish you had more time for each other? Have you ever felt like the pilot who was lost over the Pacific Ocean and radioed “I have good news and bad news. The bad news is I do not know where I am headed, but the.. read more →

We love Christmas and everything about it: The twinkling lights – good music – delicious food – lots of fun activities – and – getting together with family and friends. As the song says, “It is the most wonderful time of the year” and it is as we celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus.. read more →

“It seems you do not want to talk to me anymore. What is happening? I cannot take this silence much longer.” As I spoke my voice went up one octave. Bob responded with, “Okay, I will tell you but do not interrupt me.” Of course that did not last long as I interrupted him to.. read more →

Two summers ago we started a new annual tradition of sending out a special summer E-Mailing which featured a variety of websites for your perusal. Regarding these special summer newsletters we receive the most thank-yous each year, so we are continuing this again this summer. A few will be repeats from previous newsletters, but most.. read more →

You have heard it said that imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Hmmmm. I’m not so sure that is always true. Case in point. I, Bob, remember an incident many years ago when our son Robert was a little boy (then known as Bobby) and he was riding along with me as I did.. read more →

02 Aug 2005
August 2, 2005


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First of all, thank you again for your response to the initial Prostitute Prayer Request emailing that my wife Yvonne sent out a while back. Hundreds of responses with many people praying for the women listed in the four legal brothels in Nevada. Legal? Hmmmm. The Bible has a different viewpoint.   Keep praying. Don’t.. read more →