Ministry Couples

Building Your Ministry Team

For 15 years Bob and Yvonne have ministered to ministers and their spouses. They have assisted many hundreds of them at ministry couples conferences. Since the Turnbulls are in full time Christian service they fully understand the challenges and the needs of men and women in ministry, and are thankful for every opportunity to speak at these conferences or retreats.

From the following topics, a program will
be constructed to meet your needs —

The Balancing Act

Being married and in ministry makes for a constant balancing act. So ministry couples don’t spin out of control, this session will present three practical tools that will help you balance ministry and family without sacrificing either.

Raising PK’s In A Glass Parsonage

This session looks at how to raise your under-a-microscope kids in a glass parsonage and sanctuary without setting up rebellion.

Dealing With Criticism

Criticism is part of life, especially when you are in ministry. If you don’t have a way to deal with criticism it can have a negative effect for work and home. This session will help you develop a way to respond to criticism.

Resolving Disagreements In Marriage

If a couple does not have a way to resolve conflicts that arise in a marriage, the problems drag on and on and eventually the marriage becomes stuck. This session looks at an eight step plan that will help a couple resolve their differences.

Preventing Fatal Attractions

This session looks at the major reasons Christian leaders fall and how to avoid the snare of adultery as well as keep ones marriage from risk.


“The Turnbulls were insightful and entertaining and provided a role model of a ministry team in action. Many people commented to me that this was perhaps the most helpful part of the conference for them, to see a husband and wife team work so well together. Our pastors and wives appreciated Bob and Yvonne’s transparency and energy. We have had them speak twice at our ministry conferences.”
Dr Jeff Iorg, Executive Director, Northwest Baptist Convention, Vancouver, Washington


“I am thankful for Bob and Yvonne speaking at our District Pastors and Wives Retreat. The pastors and wives have expressed great appreciation for their down-to-earth practical ministry. They related to both of them. Not only were the sessions outstanding and humorous, but their personal time with individuals was much appreciated.”
The Rev. Fred King, Christian and Missionary Alliance Western District Superintendent, Omaha, Nebraska


“Bob and Yvonne Turnbull really ministered to our people at our annual Pastors and Wives Conference. They did a great job for two years in a row. I thank them for being real and addressing the issues that are so relevant to us with their timely topics. I am especially thankful for their section on “How to Receive Criticism.” I am already using their guidelines and it truly works. Our entire staff was pleased with the outcome, and feel the Turnbulls are one of the best husband and wife teams we’ve seen work together.”
The Rev. Dewey Hickey, Executive Director, Dakota Baptist Fellowship, Bismarck, North Dakota


“Our time here at Arrowhead Springs for this Pastors and Spouses R&R was a wonderful time of refreshment and getting renewed and strengthened in the Lord. My wife and I are thankful for Bob and Yvonne being so open and sharing their lives with us. Their outline workbook was biblically sound and each session was encouraging.”
Pastor Fausto Pflucker, Calvary Chapel, Pomona, California


“Our Ministers and Spouse Family Enrichment Conference, led by Bob and Yvonne Turnbull, was well received and definitely met a need for our ministers. The Turnbulls are the best husband and wife teaching team I have ever heard to teach Christian principles. I especially liked their “Raising P.K.’s In A Glass Parsonage.” Every session they taught was fun, practical and helpful. We need more of these to minister to ministers.”
Dr. John McGuckin, Family Ministries Director, California Southern Baptist Convention, Fresno, California


“The Turnbulls had a solid presentation of Biblical and practical standards for our annual Pastor’s Conference. It was the Lord’s appointment for them to be with us. The pastors and their wives felt personally affirmed and helped by the sessions they taught.”
The Rev. Duane Adamson, Central Pacific District Superintendent, Christian and Missionary Alliance, Oakland, California