I Take Thee


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If you have ever wanted to enjoy a Bible study with your mate, ‘I Take Thee’ is for you. This workbook looks at the wedding vows and breaks them into 26 sessions. They are topical in nature, focus on the interests and needs of nearly-weds, newly-weds and oldy-weds! Each session is based on at least one passage of Scripture and involves couples in inductive and interactive approaches to Bible study. These sessions are divided into five units, designed around major segments of the traditional wedding vows. Bible passages covering references pertaining directly to the marriage relationship are emphasized.

Also, the couples will study biblical passages focusing on Godly character building and Christian interpersonal relationships. As a result, they will discover principles that can strengthen their bonds.

The Turnbulls coauthored ‘I Take Thee’ with four other couples.

Some of the topics covered —

  • How Can I Communicate With You?
  • Will You Let Me Meet Your Sexual Needs?
  • Will You Let Me Meet Your Spiritual Needs?
  • We Can Learn From God’s Plan Regarding Finances
  • Why Do Conflicts Arise In Marriage?
  • How Can Our Marriage Be More Satisfying?
  • Expectations For Marriage
  • Marriage Is A Covenant 


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