07 Jun 2014
June 7, 2014

Marriage Mentors

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Marriage Mentors


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Guiding and Encouraging Couples Toward A Healthy Marriage Engaged couples face many questions as they approach their wedding day and a lifelong relationship of marriage. They need to evaluate aspects of their relationship and begin, even before the wedding, to develop communication and decision-making skills that will lay the foundation for their marriage. Newly married couples often experience the first years of marriage away from the support of family and longtime friends. They need to work through the problems and tensions inherent in establishing and maintaining a healthy, growing marriage. These couples need to develop skills that will enhance their relationship. An untapped resource available to many of these couples is mature married couples. What a reservoir of information and counsel! Engaged and newly married couples can benefit from the experiences of mature married couples. The book Marriage Mentors answers such questions as how to select a couple to mentor, how often a mentor-mentoree meet, what to do when they get together, how long does the mentoring experience continue, and more. This book is also a valuable resource for pastors and pastoral staffs as it describes how to start a mentoring program in a church and how to train mentoring couples.