Team Mates




Building Your Marriage To Complete, Not Compete Husbands and wives often pray the same prayer, separately, “Lord, why didn’t you make us more similar? That way my life could be so much easier.” Because of their differences, spouses often struggle against each other when marital problems arise. When they do they miscommunicate and become frustrated, angry, or resentful. But God has a greater plan for a husband and wife, and by design He created us to come together as one. Bob and Yvonne bring their singular sense of humor and unique presentation to the page (much of the book is written in dialogue form), as they apply biblical principles in training couples to work as a team. In TeamMates the Turnbulls use many of their personal life experiences and education in counseling to enable people to live purpose-filled marriages. Bill and Vonette Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ say, “God has given Bob and Yvonne valuable and practical insights into the dynamic of marriage with a special gift of communicating them in a most interesting and entertaining way. We are happy to see TeamMates compile their experience, wisdom, and excellent storytelling ability.”


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